Do you get up in the morning fired up or do you sleep too much because you don’t want to get out of bed? If you are a conventional thinker, then it’s time to get out of your own way and start making difference in your life.

By profession, I am not a teacher or speaker, I am a doer. What fuels me and keeps me motivated is doing deals. I like the chase, I like the action, and I like the challenges. I like the journey and the destination. I love working with people and making a difference. No two deals and no two people that I deal with are alike, and that’s what makes it interesting and exciting for me.

Are you interested and excited? Do you approach what you do with vim and vigor? It’s a good time for self-reflection and to think and feel where you are at and where you’re going.

Take action, be a non-conformist and Sign up and be a Real Estate Renegade Today!


In today’s society, it is unfortunate that not enough people think out of the box; in fact too many people are stuck in that box! Your future depends on you being out of the box and a non- conformist! AS an example, many students get out of college and are at a 9 to 5 job and they are miserable. You can avoid that trap by being an out of the box non-conformist!

Many real estate agents try to do conventional real estate using old school methods and they are miserable and broke! Many retirees who expected to retire are still working and they are broke too! The power of thinking outside the box combined with focus, goals and vision makes you an automatic non-conformist. But then, you have to execute! This is where people get stuck.


This one of a kind event will be like no other! Over 20 speakers in two full days to spring you into massive action! This format will be motivational, inspirational, educational and so much more! No other event that I know of is catering to Millennials and Baby Boomers with such an action packed agenda!

This event will be beyond out of the box, there will be “Dweck Discussions” dynamic speakers on a wide range of subjects all related to Real Estate investing business and mindset. There will be speakers that you have never seen or heard before that will be introduced at this event. I must warn you, they are WAY out of the box!! There will be active investors who will share their success and their challenges with you.


This is just for starters so I hope you will join us on our Renegade journey. I have priced this event ridiculously low to encourage you to attend. In fact, I am even throwing in dinner and entertainment Saturday night included in the price!!! Not to mention amazing giveaways – a Samsung flat screen TV, A Phantom Drone, iPad, a Google Chrome laptop, and thousands of dollars of real estate education, gift cards and so much more!renbutton